After staging a festival for four decades (and counting), we’ve built up quite a rich history of strummers and singers. By name, year or alphabetical order, you can search our long lineup of past performers and learn more about the folks who get your hands clapping and your feet moving every summer.

Aurkene Alzua & Inaki Pena perform the music of their native Basque homeland, and unrecognized territory along the French/Spanish border.  Featuring a button accordian and fiddle, they use a...

Barry & Holly Tashian are duet singers, songwriters and touring musicians who have known each other since high school in Westport, CT.

Barry O'Neill is a native of Toronto and when he appeared at the 1973 Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering was a Ph.D.

Badass fiddler and Ozark fireball Betse Ellis brings an edgy fire to every note she bows, strums, sings or shouts.