Earlier Times

During the 1970s, the Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering released several highly popular LPs which have become rare collector's items being out of print for more than 30 years. Earlier times reissues 35 tracks of the material from two of the most popular of those old albums; Hollow Poplar & Ladies on the Flatboat. Many of these recordings were broadcast nationally on National Public Radio's Folk Festival USA program. At long last, these recordings are again available.

PLEASE NOTE: All MP3s are encoded at a high-quality 256 kbps.  Full albums downloads are large files over 100 MBs.  The Full Album Download also contains CD artwork/booklet.

Physical CD

Earlier Times $10.00


Hameo/Arkanas Traveler Armin Barnett, Mark Gunther and David Molk $0.99
Hollow Poplar Lowell Keller $0.99
Sally Goodin Quentin McDonald $0.99
Soldier's Joy Glen Smith with Ron Parks $0.99
Dallas Rag/Dill Pickle Rag John Lilly with Tim Wilson $0.99
Fifty Years Ago Francis Geels $0.99
Ladies on the Flatboat Raincrow Countryside Band $0.99
Fonn gan Ainm/Morning Dew/Merry Sisters/Tom Steele Liz Carroll $0.99
Kentucky Waltz Jay Round $0.99
Viggen Kevarnick Misfjulor $0.99
Some of Them Gals Do Tag Along Artie P. Crowder $0.99
Tom Fitzmaurice's Reel/Boys of Ballinahinch John McGreevy $0.99
Red Apple Rag Ervie Burge with Lawrence Pratt, Walter Sikora and Jim Gage $0.99
Pan American Blues Quentin McDonald $0.99
Staten Island Hornpipe Mark Gunther with John Gordley, Bill Foley and Tim Wilson $0.99
Dear Irish Boy Larry McCoullough $0.99
Whiskey Before Breakfast/Liverpool Hornpipe/Missouri Quickstep Missouri Corn Dodgers $0.99
May Morning Dew Mary Cooley $0.99
The Cuckoo's Nest Jim & Jane Burke $0.99
The Gold Ring Sean O'Dwyer $0.99
Over the Waterfall Mark Mumbler and the Stink Creek Stump Jumpers $0.99
I Don't Love Nobody Chet Hines $0.99
Baholla Jig/Lilting Banshee Frank Burke & The Neary Brothers $0.99
Blackberry Blossum Glen Smith with Ron Parks $0.99
The May Day Carol Sally Yates, Marti Pizzini and David Yates $0.99
The Eighth of January Jay Round $0.99
Afton uid Mjorn Clifford Lang $0.99
Fire on the Mountain The Duff Family $0.99
Cooley's Favorite Seamus Cooley $0.99
Yellow Gals Missouri Corn Dodgers $0.99
Brighten the Corner Where You Are Gene Moore $0.99
The Soldier and the Lady Jim Gage, Walter Sikora, Miles Krassen $0.99
Cacklin Hen Artie P. Crowder $0.99
Farewell to Erin Miles Krassen, Larry McCollough, Bob Lucas, John Neary $0.99
Buffalo Nickel/Hell on Buck Creek Raincrow Countryside Band $0.99