Old Time in the 90s, Volume 1

This first of two volumes showcasing the incredible string bands and old-time musicians who appeared on the Battle Ground stage throughout the 1990s. Included are The Freight Hoppers, Bob Bovee & Gail Heil, Mike Seeger, Ill-Mo Boys, Tom Paley, Bob Carlin, Daisy Perry (of the original Coon Creek Girls), Dan Gellert, Tracy Schwarz & Ginny Hawker, The Red Mule Stringband, and many more... Old-time bliss! 

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Physical CD

Old Time in the 90s, Volume 1 $10.00


Old Sledge Dan Gellert $0.99
Flop Eared Mule The Bahler Graber Band $0.99
Hide Away Bob Bovee & Gail Heil $0.99
Hummingbird Reel Evelyn "Daisy" Perry $0.99
Ride Old Buck to Water The Volo Bogtrotters $0.99
Eddie on the Exercycle The Kountry Kernals $0.99
Soldier's Joy Jay Round $0.99
Jennie Ran Away The Rhythm Rats $0.99
Poor Old Dirt Farmer Tracy Schwarz & Ginny Hawker $0.99
Sally Ann Hoosier Humdingers $0.99
He Rambled The Freight Hoppers $0.99
Devilish Mary Bob Carlin $0.99
Old Blue Sow The Volo Bogtrotters $0.99
Little Rabbit Tom Paley $0.99
Ragtime Annie Johnny Gimble $0.99
Little Whiskey The Ill-Mo Boys $0.99
The Cat Came Back The Allen Street String Band $0.99
Suger Hill Leftwich, Higgenbotham, Gellert & Jackson $0.99
Leather Britches Kenny Stone $0.99
Hop High Ladies Mike Seeger $0.99
Tomahawk The Red Mule Stringband $0.99
Who Broke the Lock on the Henhouse Door? The Volo Bogtrotters $0.99
Old Joe Clark Michael Cleveland $0.99
A Dollar Down and A Dollar A Week Bob Bovee & Gail Heil $0.99
Elzic's Farewell The Freight Hoppers $0.99