Sop'n Up the Gravy

A document of the first Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering held in 1973, this LP was originally released in 1974 and quickly went out of print.  Last year we reissued the album on CD and included bonus material from the archive. 

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Physical CD

Sop'n Up the Gravy $10.00


Boil Them Cabbage Down Ervie Burge $0.99
Give the Fiddler a Dram Hawk Hubbard, David Molk & Jim Gage $0.99
Sally Goodin The Duff Family $0.99
Opening Words - Bill Baugh & Larry McCollough Bill Baugh & Larry McCullough $0.00
Double File Hawk Hubbard, David Molk & Jim Gage $0.99
Ukelin Waltz Gene Moore $0.99
The Steampacket John McGreevy $0.99
Turkey in the Straw The Duff Family $0.99
The Sault St. Mary's Jail Barry O'Neil $0.99
White Horse Breakdown Ervie Burge $0.99
Old-Time Religion Gene Moore $0.99
Glory at the Meeting House Hawk Hubbard, David Molk & Jim Gage $0.99
Drowsy Maggie Kevin Henry $0.99
Arkansas Traveler The Duff Family $0.99
The Graf Spee John McGreevy $0.99
Sop'n Up the Gravy Charlie "Jake" Corns $0.99
Wild Hog in the Woods Hawk Hubbard, David Molk & Jim Gage $0.99
The Fermoy Lasses John McGreevy, Miles Krassen $0.99
The Galway Rambler Kevin Henry $0.99
Sally Goodin Ervie Burge $0.99
Rolling on the Rye Grass $0.99
Autoharp Waltz Gene Moore $0.99
Elzick's Farewell David Molk & Hawk Hubbard $0.99
I'm Using My Bible For a Roadmap The Duff Family $0.99
Mary's Favorite John McGreevy $0.99
Wild Indian Ervie Burge $0.99
King of the Fairies Miles Krassen, Jim Gage $0.99
Draggin' The Bow The Duff Family $0.99