2017 Workshop Schedule


The 2017 Workshop Schedule (tentative)



Beginning Fiddle - Myra Dworski 
Sacred Harp Singing - Brad Bahler 
Blues Mountain Dulcimer - Bing Futch
Beginning Banjo - Howard Clark
Old Time tunes from Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas - Spencer & Rains
Mandolin - Patrick McAvinue (Charm City Junction)


Master Fiddle - Ken Kolodner
Clogging - Tamara Loewenthal
Clawhammer Banjo - Brad Kolodner (Charm City Junction)
Cello - percussive rhythms and accents - Eric Wright (The Fretless)
Vocal Duets - Cathy Barton & Dave Para
Bluegrass Fiddle - Kenny Stone


Traditional Songs for Singers and Non-Singers - Denise Wilson 
Fiddle Tunes - Edwin Layer/Christopher Layer 
Irish Jam - Charm City Junction
Bluegrass Banjo - John Ricks 
Carolyn Moses Memorial Pick & Jam - Janet Glossic
Back-up Fiddle - Kenny Stone



Beginning Fiddle - Myra Dworski
Ukulele - Mark Lyons  
Mountain Dulcimer - Bing Futch
Blues Guitar - Jon Hall 
Songwriting - Michael Longcor
Klezmer Music - Howard Vogel


Master Fiddle - Roger Netherton 
Hammer Dulcimer - Ken Kolodner 
Learning by Ear - Brad Kolodner (Charm City Junction)
Accordion - Sean McComiskey (Charm City Junction)
Bass - Alex Lacquement (Charm City Junction)
Creating Tunes and Arrangements -The Fretless 


Carolyn Moses Memorial Pick & Jam - Janet Glossic 
Old Time Jam - Brad/Ken Kolodner 
Native American Flute - Bing Futch  
Vocal - Myra Dworski 
Yodeling - Mark Lyons 
Irish Banjo - Ed Yother 

Frequently Asked Questions →

Are there any costs to the workshops?  No. All workshops are free!

Do you need to register ahead of time?  No registration is necessary. Just show up with your instrument.

What level of skill are the workshops?  The "beginner" workshops are just that; for beginners who have just picked up an instrument - for those with little or no knowledge. "Master" workshops are for those that have a moderate level of ability or better on their instrument. The Singing workshops are for everyone as are workshops without a "beginner" or "master" label.

What age level are workshops for?  All ages are welcome. Younger musicians encouraged!

How long do the workshops last?  Workshops are scheduled for 45-60 minutes but length depends on the instructor. 

What are the singing workshops about?  The focus on our singing workshops is usually harmony singing - how to harmonize with other singers and the types of harmonies used.

Where is my workshop on the festival grounds!!!  We'll do our best to get specific workshop location information in the program book. To be sure check with the Information Booth or kiosks. Workshops are held in six numbered locations at the south end of the parking area. Signage will be up to indicate what workshop is going on under each tent.