The Wilbur Ade Memorial Scholarship

The Wilbur Ade Memorial Scholarship grants Indiana youth the opportunity to study at a quality fiddle camp.  The scholarship includes student tuition fees, meals, and on-site accommodations. One scholarship will be awarded annually.
The scholarship is intended for fiddle players only and open to all Indiana youth between the ages of 8 and 18 with varying degrees of ability.  The application deadline is December 5th, 2016.  Please email for an application.

Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering, Inc., is pleased to be able to administer this scholarship through the generous support of the Ade family.

Wilbur Ade

Wilbur Ade was born in Tippecanoe County, IN in 1913 and moved early on with his family to a farm near Brookston, IN. He farmed for 63 years until his death in 1992.  When Wilbur was about fourteen years old, he traded his bicycle for a guitar. As a young man, Wilbur enjoyed playing for local square dances. The neighbors would gather at a friend’s house for a carry in supper, then clear the furniture out of the parlor and have a square dance.   When the Indiana Fiddler’s Gathering began, Wilbur enjoyed playing in the jam sessions on the grounds. Early on, he never missed a festival, and would attend every day possible.  Wilbur spent many wonderful years at the Fiddlers’ Gatherings, and his family wanted to honor his memory and love of music by establishing The Wilbur Ade Memorial Scholarship to encourage young musicians.